General terms and conditions for entering the fairs organised by Celjski sejem

Visitors may enter the event area exclusively through the official entry points to the specific fairs designated for the visitors of the fair. Entry is possible with a valid ticket only.

Tickets can be procured at the ticket office of the fair during the fair or online. The prices of the tickets are published on the website of an individual fair and in the price lists at the points of sale. If you acquire a ticket at a cheaper price, you can assume that it is a fake. It will not be possible to enter with a counterfeit ticket. Tickets are protected and forgery is prohibited.

To get a pensioner or student discount, your status must be proven at the point of sale by submitting the appropriate document or a card proving this status. Without proper documentation, only a non-discounted ticket may be purchased.

If entry to a certain event is only allowed for persons of age, the cashiers at the ticket offices and the security personnel at the entrance to the event and at the event itself are authorised to check the visitors’ age by requesting the submittal of a valid personal ID document with a photograph. If the person refuses or is unable to prove that they are at least 18 years old, this person can be denied access or asked to leave the event venue.

A ticket is valid for a one-time admission to the venue.

Dogs are allowed to enter the event venue.

Visitors of the event agree that in case the event is recorded (video or audio), they may be recorded, too. Photographs, audio and video recordings may be published publicly (they can be published for promotional purposes) without authorisation or compensation.

In accordance with Article 49 of the Private Security Act, the security personnel may perform a surface inspection of the outerwear of event visitors and their personal belongings (luggage) at the entrances to the event and also in the event’s secured area itself in order to ensure personal safety of visitors. In accordance with the abovementioned law, the security service may prevent a person from entering or exiting the protected area if he or she refuses the aforementioned inspection, if he or she refuses to disclose his or her identity, or if other reasons occur that make it absolutely necessary to prevent him or her from entering or exiting from the secured area until the police arrive.

Even if they purchase a ticket, we reserve the right to refuse entry to the event venue to those who, in the judgment of the security service, are noticeably intoxicated, under the influence of illicit drugs or who may endanger themselves, other visitors, the equipment at the event venue or other infrastructure of the event venue with their behaviour. A visitor who disturbs public order and peace at an event may be removed from the event area by the security service or detained until the arrival of the police.

Visitors move around the venue at their own responsibility. The event organizer shall not assume any responsibility for lost, damaged or stolen belongings that the ticket holder brings to the fair venue.

In accordance with the Restriction on the Use of Tobacco Products and Related Products Act, smoking is prohibited in the halls of the event venue. Smoking is possible and allowed outdoors, where ashtrays are placed.

Visitors are obligated to observe additional instructions of the organiser, given at the entrance or at the event venue.

Celjski sejem, d.d.